Who We Are

The Good Works Foundation

Jerry Friedman,
Founder and Board member of
The Good Works Foundation

Jerry Friedman is an award-winning photographer, author of the children’s book series Maurice’s Valises and creator of the television series Treasure Trekkers. These books and television shows reinforce the teaching of  empathy and kindness to young children.

Jerry is the author of the photo essay book “Wisdom of the World’s Oldest People”. Jerry used his lens to capture a community of people 110 years and older who have never before been documented. These photographs and stories were featured at the United Nations Gallery in New York and the Russell Senate building in Washington DC. The exhibition is now traveling across Europe bringing awareness to a forgotten part of our population.

Jerry Friedman is the founder of the Good Works Foundation and the Earth’s Elders Foundation.

Laura Rodgers, 
Director of The Good Works Foundation
Founder and Executive Director, One Blue Sky Project

Laura Rodgers, Director of The Good Works Foundation and founder of the One Blue Sky Project, understands that building community across diverse populations is a key element for fostering kindness and compassion, particularly in children. Laura has worked with seniors and children from many backgrounds and has advocated for the importance of creative expression for all age levels, across cultures and borders. Her extensive travel has taught her that friendship is the cornerstone of empathy and empathy is the beginning of a more peaceful world.

Laura helped build a successful creative business with photographer Jerry Friedman and then went on to develop her own social media company. Her work has included developing social media outreach for Jerry Friedman’s book series “Maurice’s Valises” to promote the books’ message to a wide audience around the world – a message of kindness and compassion that is so meaningful to Laura’s personal mission. She is the executive director and board member of the Good Works Foundation and the project organizer for the One Blue Sky Project.


Samantha Robison, aptArt

Samantha Robison

Samantha is the founder and director of Awareness & Prevention Through Art (aptART). AptART is an organization of artists and activists which aims to share with conflict affected and marginalized youth an artistic experience alongside the opportunity to express themselves. AptART is an organization of creatives working with youth and their communities across the globe. Through collaborative large-scale public art, the, the organization shares creative outlets and amplifies voices of marginalized groups. Since 2010 artists and activists have worked with communities to paint public walls, implement workshops and install exhibitions. Her work has taken her to Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Tunisia , Myanmar, Mozambique, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, France, Germany, The United Kingdom and The United States. She has worked alongside a variety of agencies ranging from the US,UK and European governments as well as the United Nations. Samantha also works with private donors to secure funding for projects. Her research interests include gender roles in Islam and women in predominantly Muslim communities who surf. She has particular interest in case studies in communities in Bangladesh, Gaza, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco and Senegal. Samantha is a photographer and is interested in Surf Photography and the intersection of light and water.


Use Your Voice,  20×50.’ w/ exterior wall paint. Chilliwack Mural Festival, Chilliwack, BC, Canada | Photo credit: Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo grew up in a mix of urban and ethnic cultures in Montreal, raised by Portuguese parents from the Azores Islands. While art and painting have always been part of his life, his artistic practice officially started in 2005. Since then, his work has given him the opportunity to live in other places such as Taiwan, Vancouver, Costa Rica, Guatemala and China. Kevin Ledo lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Ledo finished his studies of Illustration and Design at Dawson College in 1999.

Ledo has participated in several mural festivals and public art initiatives in Canada and around the world, such as MURAL in Montreal, Canada, PangeaSeed Sea Walls in Toronto, Canada, FIAP in Cancún, Mexico, AptART in Zarqa, Jordan and Beirut, The Raw Project in Miami and Denver, and recently at Street Prints in Christchurch and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand; among others.

Ledo has otherwise been featured in many art media outlets such as GQ Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Street Art News, My Modern Met, Artist a Day, Montana Cans blog, and Cool Hunting. As well, his work has been written about and featured on television and in multiple news outlets including The New York Times, LA Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Washington Times, The National Post, Toronto Star, La Presse, CBC The National, CBC Arts, CBC Radio1, Global News, CTV News, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, Cult MTL and more.

Pat Perry’s work with aptArt-Sulaymaniyah Iraq, 2018.

Pat Perry is an artist from Michigan who writes and makes pictures through careful and cautious observation. He joins the One Blue Sky Project as an amazing and celebrated wall artist and will be the primary artist for the project murals in both locations.

Pat has produced creative, original work for clients including:

The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Science News, VICE Magazine, Twitter, Atlantic Records, Virginia Quarterly Review, VSCO, Emerica, Ogilvy, Sony//Epic Records, Car and Driver, Malibu Magazine, California Sunday Magazine, Contagious Magazine, California Wildlife Center… to name just a few.

Johnathan Darby

Johnathan Darby‘s artistic concern deals with socio-political and humanitarian themes. His work portrays people in a cultural context where the innocent and vulnerable have been impacted by forces of social, economic and political change. His focus is on children, as he believes they can and will determine the future. The experiences they encounter now may have severe consequences for them and the future of their society.

Contrasting elements of softness and beauty against severe brutalities, Jonathan’s paintings are both seductive and harsh in their subject and technique. Using an array of different media with two and three dimensional elements, the paintings consist of smooth layers of paint contrasting with rough, reworked textures.

Jonathan has been working with children’s charities and is increasingly furthering this course of action.

Emad Rashidi – Film Maker

USA based Film Maker Emad Rashidi will be traveling to Iraq and then to Maine to document the One Blue Sky project. Throughout his childhood, he was always eager and interested to learn about the world, and to be able to contribute to it in some way.

His ability to work under pressure, in the moment, and to handle projects effectively to meet clients demands allows him to work with brands from around the world. He has a talent and passion for storytelling and filmmaking.

I love to do it all. Let me tell your story, and bring your vision to life.

Lets create something together.

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