Inhambane, Mozambique


Technological advancements allow humans across the planet to connect at an unprecedented rate. While human connectivity has increased in the modern era, human connection with the natural world has not. From the bees in the backyard to the fisherman existing thousands of kilometers away, all living beings impact one another. To help build awareness of both human impact on the environment and the connectedness of all human behavior, students from Inhambane, Mozambique are exploring their way of life and how it effects their natural worlds. 

Through workshops, children explore animal migration, ocean currents and the connectedness of all living beings. As the students learn the importance of marine animals, they create artworks to reflect and inspire change. Artist Jonathan Darby collaborates with the youth to paint a massive mural to inform and instigate change within the individual and the world at large.

A swirling ocean current brimming with marine life merges into a youthful face looking to the future. This mural was painted with the hope that future generations can foster better relationships with their shared natural world and with each other. 

This project is a partnership between aptARTS and The Good Works Foundation. Specials thanks to marine conservationist, Dr. Jess Williams and teachers Tionilda Carlos Chume and Ann Orlowska for all their efforts. Merci to Dune de Dovela for facilitating! 

Samantha Robison is leading the One Blue Sky team, in Mozambique. She organized the workshops, special activities, mural painting and making all things impossible, possible! Samantha is the director and founder of aptART. aptART is an organization of artists, activists and educators engaging vulnerable children in art. Through workshops and murals, youth are empowered with an outlet to express themselves, build awareness and promote prevention about issues affecting their lives

Dr. Jess Williams has recently completed a PhD in Mozambique, focused on assessing the impacts of illegal turtle fishing on Mozambican sea turtle populations. Jess has generously donated her time and talent and created the curriculum and taught our classes on ocean life.

Johnathan Darby is our talented artist. The children in Mozambique worked with him to design and paint a mural on their school. The Mural illustrates their new found knowledge of the rich ocean life in Mozambique and how the Indian Ocean currents connect them to their new friends across the globe in Canada. Jonathan has been working with children’s charities for many years and has worked with aptART painting magnificent murals all over the globe.

Here is a sneak peak at the work we have completed in Mozambique:

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