Maputo, Mozambique & Miami, Florida USA

Artist: Pat Perry

In our technological and globalized world, cultures are constantly mixing, exchanging and evolving. In an effort to create even more exchange, a youth group in the Khongolote Bairro of Maputo, Mozambique began corresponding via videos with a group of youth in the city of Miami, Florida, USA. Through ongoing exchange, the two groups share their respective culture and community. In addition to video correspondence, each group creates public art.

The youth in Khongolote are all members of Maputo Skate, an organization providing free access to skateboarding and education through a skatepark build by Wonders Around the World and Skate World Better , a loaner board program supported by Donate For Skate and Make Life Skate Life and classes run by Francisco Vinho. After workshops and discussions between the kids in Maputo and artist Pat Perry, it was decided a skateboarder wearing a bag full of books would be the most appropriate representation. The skateboarder is surrounded by all the ideas and images the youth of Khongolote dreamed up, including mini ramps, skatepark pockets, skateboards, hopscotch, machambas (gardens), capulanas and tons of other imagery. The artwork and the wall is being shared with the students in Miami at The Cushman School who will continue their correspondence and create a mural of their own. The wall faces traffic on a main street of the Khongolote Bairro, expressing new elements of youth culture in Maputo to all who pass by. Emad Rashidi was on the scene, so look out for his film at the end of the year. Huge thanks to Rosemary Brown and for all the support! This project is a partnership with AptART, The Good Works Foundation and was made possible by the U.S. Embassy in Mozambique.

Miami, Florida Coming Soon !!!

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