The Amazing Mural in Iraq

We are so pleased and excited to share what has been going on in the two cities of the One Blue Sky project 2019 .

In Iraq: Internationally acclaimed mural artist, Pat Perry, along with award-winning filmmaker, Emad Rashidi and multi-talented Samantha Robison, founder of APTart, teacher, and co-creator of the One Blue Sky project, have collectively with a group of children in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq finished painting their mural wall.

The wall represents a child sitting on a stack of traditional Iraqi blankets. She is on the phone and talking with her new friend across the globe (the students of Biddeford, Maine). Messages about home and friendship are exchanged in this conversation and are represented on the mural on either side of the girl’s body; These messages were painted by the children in Iraq.

ONE BLUE SKY project: Mural in Iraq
Biddeford, Maine Blank Canvas… painting starts this week (May 29-June 4, 2019)

In Biddeford, Maine:

Last week was our last in-class meeting with the children at the Biddeford Intermediate School. We are so pleased to have the talents of teacher, Kate Gerwig, videographer, Jesse Galkowski, and, of course, Tammy Ackerman of Biddeford’s ENGINE, without whom we wouldn’t be able to pull this project together. The children were, as usual, interactive, excited, and creative. Here is a little overview of our last visit in the classroom. Here you’ll see the children interacting via video with the classroom in Iraq. They are very excited to be a part of the mural in Biddeford and of the One Blue Sky Project.

Biddeford’s mural will begin this coming week and the children will have their chance to paint during school hours the following week. The mural will be much like the Iraqi image but the child will be sitting on traditional blankets and quilts that are representative of the fabrics once produced in Biddeford’s historic mills. Children will paint their messages on the mural early next week.

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