Painting the Wall

Much has been said in the news about building walls. The One Blue Sky project is all about breaking down walls and creating beauty by painting some…

In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, Pat Perry, with the assistance and coordination efforts of Samantha Robison of APTart, is working with a group of Iraqi school children as they begin the mural portion of the One Blue Sky project.

Friendship and kindness is the inspiration for the images and here are a few pictures of the first few days of painting. We are truly amazed at the talent and the speed of this project. The children helped to paint the images that represented who they are… please notice the pizza slice. We decided that peace means pizza…

Below see the wall in Iraq before the mural:

Day 1… see the pizza?
Day 2

The image is a girl from the back talking on the phone. She is sitting on traditional Iraqi blankets…there is chain link fence in front of her that has been cut and peeled open. In the opening is where the children will paint their messages and images.In Biddeford we will have the other child on the phone with the girl in Iraq having a conversation…this child will be sitting on quilts made from fabric from the mills on the other side of the peeled open fence. In Biddeford, our children will fill in that area will messages and images. The theme is “Communication breaks down walls and creates understanding.”

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