The Countdown begins

Laura just hung up with Pat Perry and is finalizing flight schedules as I type. Draped in her one year old grandchild, Laura, very patiently, is taking care of business from her at-home office slash one-day-a-week-nursery. Having her granddaughter around her reminds her of the values of the OBS project: Connection and compassion

Very exciting things are happening as we wind down to the final few weeks before the unveiling of the One Blue Sky project.

Within two weeks we will have had our first meeting with the two groups of children. Our questions have been finalized and reviewed by a top child psychology media specialist and caring classroom teachers, our dates and times are being secured, the mural artist and videographer will be flying to Iraq and then to Biddeford, Maine…. likely in the next few weeks.

We are looking to start painting before June… It feels like there is so much to do and so little time.

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